Akunna Technologies, Inc.


Our mission is to: develop and deliver quality outsourcing solutions, recommendations, and services based on our clients' requirements; improve the value and effectiveness of our clients' operations; and enhance the services our clients provide to their customers.  Akunna combines skilled project management with a strong staff and proven methods.
Our expertise is geared toward customizing or developing new applications for customers on the WinTel/Internet platform.  As part of our total solution, we offer onsite consulting for their needs with experienced and knowledgeable personnel capapable of integrating systems into the customers infrastructrue.

We do a variety of short term consulting.  For instance, a local company is looking to expand it’s product line through corporate acquisition.  As part of the due-diligence, our people were hired to evaluate the technology, development staff and organization.  Our deliverable is a report that summarizes the key technology issues for executive management.

Another example is a local financial services company found itself with a mission critical application that was behind schedule and over-budget.  Management was told that the project was only weeks away from completion, but it has been this way for over 2 years.  The management of the company needed advice on what to do next.     We were hired to find out.

We met with the developers, reviewed their code and their design.  After only several days, we found that several key pieces were missing, but with a little rework, the project could be salvaged.  We helped the development management focus on the key areas required for the business, and cut the frills.  The product shipped two months later.  Management had been only inches away from stopping the project after 8.5 million had been sunk in development costs.